Maximum Rock Festival is organised by S.C. Promusic Events S.R.L Our postal address is: Bdul. Dimitrie Cantemir, nr.17, ap.25, Bucharest, sect 4, Romania


The PURCHASER/VISITOR is not allowed to bring the following objects onto the festival site, on penalty of confiscation by security personnel: professional photographic, filming or recording equipment, drinks, cans, laughing gas, drugs, dangerous objects such as glassware, metal drinking bottles, filled bottles or drinking bottles, fireworks, weapons, sharp objects or other objects which the ORGANISER considers dangerous.
The ORGANISER may amend or supplement this list at any time.
The PURCHASER/VISITOR is not allowed to make open fires on the festival site.

Entering the festival site implies acceptance of all the preventive and control measures that the ORGANISER or security team take, including possible frisking and searching of bags. Failure to respect these measures shall result in a refused or withdrawn right of access, without any right to compensation.

TV recordings will be made during the FESTIVAL. It is therefore possible that the PURCHASER/VISITOR will be filmed.  By entering the festival grounds the PURCHASER/VISITOR agrees to waive your portrait rights.

The ORGANISER and/or TICKET DISTRIBUTOR reserve(s) the right to check the identity of the festival goer at any time. 

The ORGANISER and/or TICKET DISTRIBUTOR can in no way be held liable for damage, loss, theft or any damage to property or person that the PURCHASER/VISITOR suffers as a result of the FESTIVAL, be it on the festival site, campsite, outside or on the way.

It is expressly forbidden to conduct any promotional or commercial activity at the festival or camping site without previous permission from the ORGANISER.

Excepting written authorisation from the ORGANISER any commercial use of the name or logo of the FESTIVAL itself or the artists that appear is strictly prohibited.   

The camping area will have:

• ecological toilets

• running water

• showers

• lighting in the tent area

• security

• food and drinks sale point

The organizers do not impose restrictions on food or drinks brought from outside the festival area and brought into the campsite.