By purchasing a ticket or a full pass at MAXIMUM ROCK FESTIVAL, the buyer agrees to thoroughly respect the following rules:

* The ticket is valid for one person only and for one access only. The ticket loses its validity after the buyer leaves the premises of the venue.
* The ticket may not be exchanged with a ticket for some other event, except with the written approval of the organizer.
* The ticket is not refundable except if the event is canceled or rescheduled.
* The changing of the venue to another location from the same city does not constitute a reason for the buyer to claim a refund.
* When an event is rescheduled, the ticket purchased for that particular date remains valid for the new date as well. In the case of a rescheduling, the buyer may request a refund. The refund requests must be forwarded in maximum 28 days after the show has been canceled.
* The refund will take place only if the tickets are in perfect condition.
* If the event is canceled, the organizer will not pay for other expenses like lodging, travel, food etc.
* The ticket holder is obliged to accept to be submitted to body control done by the security team before gaining access into the venue.
* It is forbidden to enter the venue with professional recording/ photo devices.
* It is forbidden to enter the venue with bottles, recipients, dangerous substances and food.
* It is forbidden to enter the venue with umbrellas. Only raincoats will be used in case of bad weather.
* It is forbidden to take drugs or other illegal substances. This behavior constitutes a crime and will be punished according to the law.
Disobeying the rules or using the ticket for any other purpose than the initial ones may have as a consequence the annulment of the ticket. The ticket holder may be forbidden access to the event. 
Take note!
* Children under the age of 8 may take part in the event for free, if they are accompanied by an adult.
* Children over 8, but under 14 need to purchase a ticket and need to be accompanied by an adult.
* People over 14 no loner need to be accompanied by an adult.
* Forgery or attempted forgery of tickets is punishable by law.

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